Measured Surveys

comprehensive inspection of the property to compile sufficient information to prepare detailed drawings for alterations/extensions/adaptations and planning/building regulations compliance

Detailed Drawings

An essential part of the design process to assist clients with the visualisation of the proposed improvements and to satisfy the legislative requirements for planning/building regulations compliance

Planning Applications

The submission of detailed drawings and supporting information where required to demonstrate compliance with planning requirements, accompanied by Supporting Statements; Design & Access Statements; Heritage Statements; Visual Impact Assessments; Ecology Surveys; Tree Reports etc

Buildings Regulations Compliance

Detailed drawings and structural calculations to demonstrate compliance with current Building Regulations

New Build Design

Pre-app submissions to determine the viability and acceptability of potential developments to the local authority, improving land-values and auction sales

Schedules of Work for Construction Projects

Detailed and fully itemised Schedules to assist contractors with pricing the proposed improvements and allowing clients to budget for the works whilst ensuring that the contractor’s interim accounts reflect the true value of the completed works. These Schedules also include detailed descriptions of work items and the exact specification of materials/equipment to ensure that the finished works meet with the client’s expectations in every respect

Construction Project Management

Supervision of works on site to ensure that the contractor is building in accordance with the specification and in compliance with the relevant codes/regulations

Extensions, Renovations and Building Alterations

Coupled with measured surveys and the schematics, helping client’s to visualise the finished project, whether basic modifications, essential adaptations or ambitious remodelling

Eco-build and Environmentally-Responsible Design

Incorporating ethical principles throughout the scheme, particularly for clients committed to causing minimal ecological impact as a consequence of their building improvements